Dignity For All
Through Access to Clean Water
in Africa

Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Mistakes

SUNDAY - MARCH 26, 2023
11:00am ET / 8:00am PT

Featured Speakers:

Sheva Carr
Founder/President, Fyera Foundation & Heart Ambassadors; Co-VP, Pathways To Peace
Sandra Solano
Chief Medical Officer & Treasurer,
Fyera Foundation
Tracey Chew
Water Project Captain,
Fyera/Heart Ambassadors
Tim Rosshirt
Founder/Executive Director,
Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation
Easton Moko
Executive Local Coordinator,
Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation
Natasha Singh-Ally
Africa Representative,
Pathways To Peace

With Special Guests
Submission of our Water Action Commitment

Key Topics:

・How to create a "ripple effect" - clean water becomes education for girls, gender equity, health, food security, reductions in poverty, community stability and more.

・The benefits of partnering with local communities and other organizations.

・How to detect and prevent corruption and fraud.

•Making sure funds generate the most impact - small organizations can make big differences when they add water to their philanthropic efforts.

Please join us!