UN ECOSOC Consultative Status


Esteemed colleagues and members of the committee, thank you very much for the opportunity to present today on behalf of The Fyera Foundation.

I am Dr. Sandra Solano, a Colombian physician, Chief Medical Officer of The Fyera Foundation, and a Heart Ambassador.

I want to invite you to imagine a world where we can:
– Self-regulate our emotional response to overcome even the stress of a pandemic.
– Communicate to understand and respond instead of react.
– Decide and prioritize guided by our higher intelligence and core values.
– Heal individual and collective trauma and prevent the cycles of violence it causes

This is a picture of two young women, one Israeli and one Palestinian, hugging.  Our organization’s founder, Sheva Carr, trained a group of young Palestinian & Israeli women in skills that result in their understanding that, “an enemy is a friend whose story you have yet to hear.” After the training, one young woman confessed she had previously considered to be a suicide bomber but now, she knew peace was real, because she felt it deeply in her heart, and no one would ever take that away. She committed her life to peace-building. Today she teaches our work in hospitals in the Middle East.

As a Fyera Foundation Heart Ambassador, that is the world that I and hundreds of others around the world have been inspired and empowered to build. We practice and teach evidence-based skills that are at the foundation of our work as world servers. The Fyera Foundation has been collaborating with researchers at the HeartMath Institute for the last 25 years to understand the science and physiology of peace and conflict and stress and resilience – in individuals, organizations, societies, and nation-states. Evidence shows that peace is a measurable state visible in the heart rhythm pattern and the tools to create it can be used anywhere, anytime, even in the midst of stress or conflict.

Hospitals, law enforcement, and militaries globally have adopted these resilience building tools because of their simplicity and efficacy. At the Fyera Foundation, we chose to share these skills with the UN to counter violence, increase international collaboration, and enhance the effectiveness of our collective commitment to the 17 sustainable development goals and the 2030 UN agenda. In collaboration with UN-DESA, UNITAR, and FICSA, we have trained members of the WHO, UN staff in Geneva and New York, and written articles for the UN Special. We have also presented multiple times at the UN CSW and HLPF on our application of these skills to achieve practical SDG outcomes.

We have specific projects to further the 17 SDGs in the domains of peacebuilding, women’s empowerment, conservation, food security, water projects, ending human trafficking, resources for refugees, medical aid, education and scholarships for children, and disaster assistance around the world. To date our projects, services, and our membership base have touched 30 countries and 5 continents.

With gratitude to the UN, and UN Peace Messenger Organization Pathways To Peace, many of our current projects were born out of collaborations that were formed at UN events. The United Nation’s vision was an inspiration in the creation of our organization. We are honored to be considered for ECOSOC consultative status, and to have come this far to take your questions so that the peace that I and these girls have discovered can be shared with the whole human family.

COUNTRIES: Iceland, Canada, USA, Nicaragua, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  (this is how they are listed at the UN), Switzerland, Colombia, India, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Israel, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Mexico, South, Africa, Greece, Jordan, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Iraq, India, Russia, Hungary, Netherlands (this is how they are listed at the UN), Germany, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Puerto Rico (*** NOT CONSIDERED A MEMBER STATE BY THE UN; Neither is Palestine)