Heart-Based Science
for Real World Solutions

The solution to today’s most pressing challenges demands a different approach, based on:

●The Latest Scientific Discoveries of the Intelligence of the Human Heart

●Cutting-edge Methods and Technologies Proven to Work in the Real World

●A World-view Recognizing Our Oneness as a Foundation for our Optimal Future, Individually and Collectively

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The solution to today’s most pressing challenges demands a different approach, based on:

●The Latest Scientific Discoveries of the Intelligence of the Human Heart

●Cutting-edge Methods and Technologies Proven to Work in the Real World

●A World-view Recognizing Our Oneness as a Foundation for our Optimal Future, Individually and Collectively


We are an organization of change-makers, social activists, artists, scientists, health-care professionals, leaders, visionaries and peace-makers . . . dedicated to a world that works better for all - including you!

There's a shift happening . . . beginning in the human heart.

You know if yours is one of them.

It’s a shift toward caring for ourselves in a way that fuels our hearts, minds and bodies, facilitating our care for one another.

It is a shift toward caring more about supporting each other than getting ahead of one another.

It is a shift toward caring more about taking care of the planet than taking advantage of its resources.

This inner shift operates almost like a key code to a secret passageway, which leads to a new world- a world that works better for all. Including us.

It does serve self, but from a new definition of “Self” that includes our connection to the whole.







New Clients

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New Clients

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welcome all to

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The Fyera Foundation is proud to donate and co-sponsor the incredible work of our friends and partners at ASSERT, who rescue animals from natural disasters and war zones using advanced drone technology and veterinary care. Once rescued, they reunite animals with their loved ones and where that cannot be done they find them forever homes.




Sponsoring Safari West's Species Diversity and Conservation efforts

Max's Fund includes support to Safari West

Sponsoring Safari West's Species Diversity and Conservation efforts


Board Member

Matthew Mitchell 

Matthew Mitchell has over 30 years experience in sales, business development, and relationship management. He is an international speaker and consultant specializing in high performance and human potential.  He gives people the tools and guidance necessary to eliminate the limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold them back so that they can achieve excellence in their personal and professional lives.

Matthew received his Masters of International Management from The American Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix, Arizona and his MBA at ESADE, (Escuela Superior de Administraccion y Direccion de Empresas) in Barcelona, Spain.

Matthew’s diverse career has spanned a number of industries. He spent ten years doing finance deals for large corporate clients with US Leasing and GE Capital. He made a career change in the early ‘90’s by going to work for Lucasfilm Ltd. in the Entertainment industry.  He headed their electronic editing systems division and represented their proprietary technology to the major studios and production companies.

Matthew later served as VP of Television sales for two top post-production facilities in Los Angeles, once again cultivating relationships with studio heads, and independent film companies.  He spent several years in the Communications industry with Qwest Digital Media being one of the first to sell the ability to deliver content over the Internet.

In 2004, he began his own consulting practice specializing in teaching high level skills to the fortune 100. 

At present, Matthew is a keynote speaker, an expert in “Negotiation Skills”, “Organizational Savvy”, “Power Messaging”, and “Executive Presence” skills.  He travels nationally conducting public seminars in negotiation skills.  He has consulted and trained some of the biggest companies in the world.  Current and former clients include: UPS, VMware, EMC, GE (multiple divisions), Honeywell, Tektronix, Ciena, Fujitsu Networks, Pratt & Whitney, Exxon Mobil Chemical, Microsoft, ATT, Sprint, Yahoo, Earthlink, Oracle, Cisco, HP, Intel, AMD, Aetna, Prudential, Siemens, Owens Corning, Cardinal Health, Care Fusion / Becton Dickenson, Autodesk, Caremark, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Abbott Labs, Wellpoint, United Healthcare, Optum Health, Ingenix, Hersheys, Applied Materials, Kronos, Ceridian, Unisys, Intelsat, Colgate Palmolive, and Medela.


C.O.O - Nicaragua Region

Carold Garcia

16 years overseeing the operations of our programs in Nicaragua while raising her 16 year old daughter Lidia.

I am Carold García Castillo, Nicaraguan, graduated in Business Administration (UNAN-MANAGUA) with training in the HeartMath techniques and Regional Director for Fundación Fyera Nicaragua. I was born in January 1979 in Managua. I come from a family of limited resources and numerous, I am divorced and single mother of a lady of 15 years. I have vague memories of bittersweet childhood, my crib was the arms of my parents, my food the hope of my humble family and a people afflicted to see a new sun until the end of the Sandinista popular revolution of 1979-1990. In 1991 I heard Sheva’s name for the first time, her influential person formed in me a firm spirit, an integral character, a strength, and a deep desire to face everything. My life mission is at the service of families, to make a difference in the beating of their hearts.


Vice President

Mai Shbeta

Lawyer, Mediator, Project Manager and Group Facilitator

Mai is a peace activist, human rights lawyer, mediator, and group facilitator. She was born and raised in Wahat al Salam-Neve Shalom (Oasis of Peace), the only intentional Jewish-Arab village in Israel. Her mother is Jewish and her father is Palestinian and her dream is to be a bridge between the two people. Since she was young, Mai has been active in programs that promote peace, leadership, and human rights in different organizations like Global Changemakers, Creativity for Peace, V-Girls (V-Day) and UNESCO’s Young Peace Ambassadors Workshop. She is a board member of the Fyera Foundation and is primarily working on a project that seeks to end human trafficking (the project includes a feature film, documentary film and online platform). In 2011, when she was 19, she participated and gave a speech about her work at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Mai completed her legal internship at Michael Sfard’s human rights law office in Tel Aviv. She studied mediation and is seeking to give workshops and mediate between people in different conflict zones. Right now she is working as a project manager at the “Elmina” Jewish-Arab theatre in Jaffa and at the Center for Multiculturalism and Diversity at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and she is also developing a mediation project between Israeli and Palestinian leaders and politicians.

Cheryl Geoffrion

Cheryl Geoffrion is certified as a trainer, facilitator and coach by The Institute of HeartMath and The International Center for Attitudinal Healing.  She has facilitated one-on-one coaching, support groups, and workshops for more then 24 years utilizing these principles and practices as well as many other transformational life techniques.  She has also worked with Fortune 100 companies, Non-Profits, and individuals as an expert negotiator, facilitator, and coach in sales and negotiation skills, leadership development, interpersonal communication and conflict resolution.  She is a published co-author of The Three Value Conversations, How to Create, Elevate, & Capture Customer Value at Every Stage of the Long-Lead Sales with a feature article of the same theme in Top Sales World Magazine.  An international motivational speaker, teacher, and former TV talk show host, Cheryl brings experience, compassion and vision to her work.

For more than two decades, Cheryl has been highly sought as a keynote speaker and consultant to a wide variety of public, private and educational institutions. Her experience, passion, sense of humor, and ability to drive high-impact performance execution enable her to be both entertaining and remarkably effective at producing transformational results.

Additionally she has the unique privilege to specialize in comprehensive international and domestic sport sponsorship and corporate hospitality programs working with the Olympics and FIFA World Cup implementing programs for Top Sponsors in Asia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States.   She also served as the Managing Director of the Avon Breast Cancer 3-days and the National AIDSRides during which time she was responsible for many multi-million dollar charitable events nationwide.  Cheryl’s global experience ensures a strong cultural awareness.

Cheryl started her professional career as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) where she honed a skillset that enabled her to achieve great success as one of the youngest certified in ATC nationwide. She went on to pioneer unique performance enhancing coaching programs for Air Traffic Managers and Supervisors.

-Fyera Foundation
-Institute of HeartMath
-The International Center for Attitudinal Healing
-CMCM T.V./Talk Show Host
-Summer Olympics: Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro
-FIFA World Cup, South Africa
-Winter Olympics, Vancouver


Chief of Staff & Communications Officer

Robert Browning

Director of HeartMath Healthcare and Consultant to / Trainer with Fyera; Co-Vice President of United Nations Peace Messenger Organization ‘Pathways To Peace’

Robert Browning, PhD (h.c.) is Co-Director for HeartMath Healthcare and a Senior Master Trainer. For over 25 years with HeartMath, he’s trained more than 20,000 individuals in heart-based living and leads programs at: Stanford, U.C.L.A., Brigham & Women’s and Kaiser Permanente. He oversees HeartMath’s strategic healthcare alliances focused on self-care, human caring and wholeness healing. In April, 2015, Robert received an Honorary Doctorate in Human Caring and Caring Science from Dr. Jean Watson, Founder and Director, Watson Caring Science Institute and Dean Emerita-University of Colorado, Denver, College of Nursing. It was given “to honor devotion to the betterment of humankind through human caring – heart centered teachings and practices.”

He holds a faculty position with the Esalen Institute and Watson Caring Science Institute and adjunct faculty with the University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus, College of Nursing. Robert graduated from U.C.L.A., Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Communications.  His passion and 20 year focused inquiry on the power of the heart, care and healing has informed the depth of his work, practice and message.





Melinda Dewey

Board Certified Coach. Trainer. Speaker. Mentor. Operations Officer. The Fyera Foundation Board Member and Secretary

Following a successful 17-year business career in roles as a Corporate Controller, Project Manager and bank Loan Officer, Melinda now combines her business expertise and passion for health, empowerment, and resilience as Operations Officer in addition to her private practice as a certified Life and Breath Coach and HeartMath Coach and Trainer to individuals and groups. Some of her related certifications, training, and 30 years of full-time wellness-related experience include:

Licensed HeartMath® Coach and HeartMath Certified Trainer

C.O.O. of Fyera! Inc since 2010

C.O.O. of HeartMath’s HeartMastery online learning program since 2011, managing and leading HeartMath Course Group Coaching Calls for students from around the world

Certified Mindful Change Life Coach, with Wellness Coaching specialty training At the Institute of Life Coach Training

Employee Wellness Coach to Fortune® 100 employees cross the Nation for over five years

Board-Certified Coach Credential

Owner, manager of InnerLight Healing Arts in Costa Mesa, CA for 10 years, with chiropractic and allopathic physicians and practitioners of various holistic modalities and group class offerings.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Communication

It is also my privilege to serve as a board member and secretary of non-profit The Fyera Foundation since 2011.

It is my joy to engage in awakening authenticity, potential and heart intelligence with the power of the heart to generate inner and outer peace.


Founder, CEO, President, Executive Director

Sheva Carr is a visionary, humanitarian, creator, lover of life, author, speaker, doctor of Oriental Medicine, Board Certified Polarity Therapist and Registered Polarity Educator, and expert HeartMath trainer and coach. She loves to help people find fulfillment and peace within the power of their hearts! She is the founding CEO of Fyera! Inc and Heart Ambassadors, a global network of endeavors sharing a common purpose of creating measurable social ROI to transform the world’s story with heart. Under the umbrella of that mission she is the architect of HeartMath’s www.heartmastery.com program, the founding Executive Director of the Fyera Foundation and Sunflower SunPower Kids, and Co-Vice President and Head of UN Delegations for the United Nations Peace Messenger Organization Pathways To Peace www.pathwaystopeace.org . The author of “Being the Source of Love” and “Where the Sky Meets the Earth,” she is featured as a “love luminary” in Marci Schimoff’s New York Times bestselling book “Love for No Reason.” She cofounded (with Global Womens Empowerent Network and The Representation Project) the annual Women Illuminated Film Festival. She is also the founding visionary behind www.operationbigsister.org designed to enroll a Civilian Army to contribute to efforts to end sex trafficking and modern day slavery. She mentors teens from Israel and Palestine in peace dialogues with www.creativityforpeace.org under the motto “An enemy is a friend whose story you have yet to hear.”

She has created her own trauma relief interventions with her knowledge of the autonomic nervous system, and has been published in respected medical journals as “Perspectives in Biology and Medicine,” and other publications including “The UN Special.” She has trained and mentored medical staff from C-level executives to bedside nurses at distinguished medical centers, including Mayo Clinic, Harvard, Stanford, Cedars Sinai, Kaiser Permanente, and more. She also founded the first HeartMath hospital patient education program at Earl Bakken’s Heart-Brain Institute. She co-authored HeartMath’s Stopping Emotional Eating Program with Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman and was the coach and manager of the participants involved in the study done on that program. Previously on the Faculty of Alternative Medicine at University of Minnesota, and a professor of Oriental Medicine at Emperor’s College, she has worked as a coach and consultant to leading cardiologists, heart-brain researchers, and physicists. She has also trained United Nations staff and numerous international government agencies, and soldiers preparing for deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.

She did her undergraduate work in fine arts, cross cultural international studies, Spanish, and premed at Carnegie Mellon Universty, Yale, Friends World College, and Dalhousie University. She received experiential credits for her work in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Holland, England, and Canada. Her Masters Degree is in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University. 

Sheva speaks to people all over the world on how to access heart intelligence and peace of mind, in order to receive the benefits of the heart’s impact on their relationships, health, performance, creativity, contribution, legacy, social change, and the building of a global culture of peace. 

Please see Sheva Carr’s full bio HERE



Wildfire Relief

Phoenix Rising Has Provided Support to Many Individuals Facing Wildfire Recovery, as well as grants to:

Wildfire Protectors Corps

Additional Support provided by:

Participating in and donating training and resources to William Ury’s 3rd Side Design Sprint for Peace in the Middle East


Water is the source of life. And when clean water flows in a village, which is now happening in multiple regions thanks to caring Fyera Foundation donors, life flourishes.

 As a result of receiving wells (or boreholes) from The Fyera Foundation, communities are able to plant sweet potato farms. And, because girls no longer have to carry water long distances they have time to study. Fyera is now partnering with them to send their girls to school!

Access to safe water for drinking and sanitization purposes is an ongoing problem around the world- one that takes very little effort and resources to solve when we work together to do so.

The Fyera Foundation aims to bring 10,000 people clean drinking water every World Water Day, March 22

Including grants to one of our partners:


Helping deliver veterinary care where it is most needed and least afforded

Commission On The
Status of Women

Panel to end human trafficking.

First presentation at CSW.

Commission on the Status of Women in Media 2018.

Read this paper on a UCLA professor’s experience as one of our delegates at the CSW


Bringing Life Giving Surgeries
To Those In Need With Our Partner


Women Illuminated
Film Fest

Commission on the Status of Women in Media 2018

Rebuilding Homes in Nepal Post Earthquake ...with Heart!

without borders Partnership

Partnering with Acupuncturists Without Borders to embed resilience training in their disaster relief clinics.

partnership with Creativity for Peace

now called

Bringing applied heart intelligence to peace dialogues between teens from Israel and Palestine under the motto, “An enemy is a friend whose story you have yet to hear” with our partner Creativity for Peace. Fyera Foundation provided university scholarships to young women peace builders.



There are more displaced people in the world today than there have ever been in human history, due to climate change, violent conflict, and oppression. The average person who flees their country will spend 18 years in a refugee camp before being welcomed to a new home. Now more than ever it is important that we come together as a human family and global citizenship, living into the motto that home is where the heart is and the earth is our shared home.

Download and distribute WELCOME LETTERS

International Day Of Peace

Fyera Foundation is honored to collaborate with Pathways To Peace, a co-founder of the International Day of Peace, and other peacebuilding organizations to emphasize the measurable changes that happen in the earth's field when a large percentage of humanity is focused on peace. Watch the video to learn more!

Fyera Foundation is an authorized provider of Amma’s IAM Meditation Instruction, taught to thousands of people around the world at no charge.

Collect "OUTER" PPE Donations

Collect monetary support to purchase “outer” PPE and donate to frontline organizations most in need.


Distribute messages of gratitude from the public to frontline workers, boosting moral and emphasizing appreciation.


Work to facilitate new supply chains and creative solutions for facilities with funding but expended resources. 

2019 (UNTV)

Chosen by UNDESA and UNITAR to deliver the above training program on UNTV at the High Level Political Forum in July 2019

UNSG 16 peace justice and strong institutions
UNSG 17 partnership for the goals


Thank you from the depth of our hearts for your interest in sponsoring a Sunflower Kid in our Sunflower SunPower Kids Program in Nicaragua. Your interest in their lives means more for their future than you could possibly imagine. Your willingness to jump in is a huge boon to their self esteem, courage to move forward, and self respect. It helps us help them remain committed to their education and a better future, and to avoid the many potholes at-risk and impoverished youth can fall into. Your human heart to heart connection with the children is as important, if not moreso, than the $50 per month donation which gives them access to clothes, medical care, needed nutrition, and schooling.

To learn more about our child sponsorship programs, here are a few documents to inform you:


Chief Medical Officer, Treasurer

Sandra Solano

M.D., M.S. 

Sandra is a healthcare professional with more than 20 years of experience as a Healthcare Executive and consultant and now has her own Holistic Wellness practice in New Albany, Ohio. Dr. Solano successfully implemented large scale transformational projects in the private and public sector and was recognized as a successful disruptor and change agent. Through her career, Dr. Solano experienced personally and professionally the detrimental impact that stress and lack of emotional regulation has in productivity, communication and efficacy in the work place and family life. Through her practice, she works with individuals, teams, groups and organizations to bring evidence-based tools and skills that empower the individual to develop emotional fitness and stress management. 

While she enjoyed a successful and fulfilling career in public health, Dr. Solano felt disconnected and unfulfilled. She continued studying alternative health modalities and how they could improve wellness. After extensive research and training, Sandra chose a combination of methods that facilitate the regulation of emotions and management of stress as the foundation of her holistic wellness practice. Dr. Solano is a certified trainer of HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage™ program; certified practitioner Shuniya Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing©; a Reiki Master; and a practitioner of Holographic Memory Resolution©.

After personally experiencing and practicing these tools, Dr. Solano feels connected with her authentic self and feels a sense of hope and peace that she wants to share with others. Learning about and experiencing these techniques brought her a new understanding of health as a state of balance and wholeness. Her concept of health sees every person as a fundamentally perfect being. Her passion is to help others to find that connection, authenticity, peace, and hope that she is now able to experience

Regina Shuvanova

The universe that we all call home is made up of amazing energy accessible to all of those who are willing to see it and embrace it. This energy can make any dream a reality. It has been my life journey and passion to help those who are distracted and unable to see clearly, find their path. This energy is everywhere and present in everything we do, from basic daily short term activities, to long term complex life discoveries. I was born in Tashkent Uzbekistan, a product of 2 Russian parents. I am bilingual in Russian and English. Having moved from Uzbekistan to Russia, and then to the United States, I have always wanted to bring people of the world together, to learn from each other, to grow, and to harness that energy. I received a Masters degree in Diplomacy & International Relations from Seton Hall University. I worked on developing international business relationships and cooperation through my role with the Mid-Atlantic Eurasia Business Council (MAEBC/MARBC) in Philadelphia, PA. With my career moving forward, a wonderful gift was given to me midstream. I became a mom. Life moves in mysterious ways and has its own path at times, yet, this energy I speak of is found in all things, at times, where you least expect it. I relocated from the West Coast and now live in San Diego California. I am currently in a leadership role with Caesars Entertainment, live with a loving husband, and a beautiful son. Without a doubt, being a mom has taught me more than I could have ever imagined, and has helped me in my own journey to find that energy.


Board Member

Butterfly Kids and Farm IN Zimbabwe

Reduce inequity by befriending and sending a child in Zimbabwe to school with your monthly sponsorship.

Help to restore the earth and empower local communities to pay for their own children’s education through their organic farming efforts.


Gratitude from our Sunflower SunPower Kids program in Nicaragua


95 year old Margaret Zeidler,
whose daughter is one of our Heart Ambassadors, contributes to the world by weaving dish rags and donating them to our foundation. Purchasing these rags helps fund our projects. Woven into the fabric of these works of art are the meditations Margaret does as she weaves, working into the woven fabric an intention not just for cleaning, but also cleansing the world of its suffering and increasing love for all.


Regional Director

Precious Nyadogo

I am a 35 year old mother of 5 girls who grew up in Magwegwe old Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. l was raised by my grandmother and did my primary education at Magwegwe Primary School from the year 1992 to 1998.

My goal in life is to leave my footprints on the sands of time by joining hands with like-minded people in making a difference in this world through helping the needy and vulnerable. I grew up in a very poor neighborhood with 3 of us in a 2-room house, my grandma, my young brother and me. Every year during the month of December our 2-roomed house would accommodate more than 10 people. It is at that younger age that my grandmother’s generosity rubbed off on me and l learned to share the little l had with the person next to me. I grew up knowing that sharing is caring. l hope to pass this on to my 5 girls.

A few years ago l started Sister to Sister Association. We started off with empowering fellow women in my community through having community gardens where they grow vegetables and sell them so that they get money to take care of their children. With help of The Fyera Foundation we also had a bore hole drilled in my village and another one in a nearby village, providing clean reliable water to minimize the distance girls had to walk to get water for their families and to provide water for the vegetables we grow.

It is my dream to eradicate poverty in my community and in our third world countries and also end world hunger.

Consultative Status

Play Video

The Fyera Foundation has Special ECOSOC Consultative Status to the United Nations

Would you like to attend a UN Event as our delegate?

The Business Plan for Peace PARTNERSHip

From Peace Day 2018 to Peace Day 2019, 3 time Nobel prize nominee Dr. Scilla Elworthy collaborated with The Fyera Foundation and Heart Ambassadors to deliver a year long course based on the marriage of her Business Plan for Peace and our expertise in creating a heart based world.

"We Need Individuals like Dr. Elworthy to start the work of preventing war... This has been my personal dream for many years."

~His Holiness the Dalai Lama

We invite you to sign up for the 12 part course - the proceeds of which go to benefit peacebuilding projects and organizations Scilla and the Fyera Foundation work on.

Hurricane Relief in Nicaragua


UN Special is the official magazine of the International Civil Servants

download the special to see
article on pages 30-31

download the special to see
article on pages 14-16


We are honored to have provided scholarships for Resilience Training Certification to Kathleen Westcott in order to enhance her healing work with intergenerational trauma, primarily in the Native Communities in need. Kathleen is an Elder in the Turtle Clan of the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota and co-author of chapters in Honoring Elders: Aging, Authority, and Ojibwe Religion by Micheal D. McNally & American Indian Religious Traditions, edited by Suzanne J. Crawford.
As Kathleen would say, "Miigwetch!"


Pictures and movies from beneficiaries in Zimbabwe bringing access to fresh water in local communities

Four girls living alone without a roof

Today, after years of sponsorship, one of the girls, Yaritza (pictured grown up in the photos below), is graduating in Bio-Med and works full time at the local hospital. One of her sisters is in law school and another is in nursing school- still sponsored by us! A true success story!

Newsletter from 2005:


Words and images of gratitude to & from fontline workers and organizations coming from those who benefited from WeProvidePPE.org
initiatives during the COVID-19
PPE shortage

The Pollinators, Germinators and Progenitors

Adrian Alecu
Alamelu Deivanayagam
Alex Riggs
Amy Ruggiero
Arana Hagan
Avon Mattison 
Ben Schumacker
Bella Merlin
Cheryl Geoffrion
Chrissy Stamm
Christian Paddison
Colin Ashfield 
Cornell Carelock
Cristina Escobar
Curt Micka
Cynthia Jaggi
David Dante
David Wick 

Deborah Owen-Sohocki
Diane Graham
Donnette Mosely
Dora Corral
Eileen Gold
Elizabeth Darroch
Erin Toppenberg
Eva Cristina Calderon
Evonne Heining 
Fred Fuchs
Gemma Vestal
Greg Wendt
Gudrun Jonsdottir
James Gillis
Jeff Perlis
Joanie Ciardelli
Jorina Elbers
Julia Bickram
Kata Kinszely-Toth

Karl Johnson
Karyn Wilds
Katherine Barkley
Kevin Crowe
Lauren Brenner 
Libby MacDuffee
Lidia Cristina Silva Reyes
Lily Hills
Linda Galasso
Linda MacIntyre
Lola Moonfrog
Lynne Jensen
Mai Shbeta
Manuel Abuanza
Marielle Abuanza
Marilyn Barrett
Marilyn King
Mati Munoz
Matthew Demerritt

Matthew Mitchell
Mel Duncan
Melinda Dewey
 Melinda Weber
Michelle Auerbach
Miles Anderson
Monica Lamp
Nancy Carr
Nancy Griffis
Nikolai Giefer
Ohbeeb Calvacante
Paul Saltzman 
Perry Downes
Prabha Sankaranarayan 
Regina Shuvanova
Robert Browning
Robyn Grant 
Roslyn Cook
Ruth Gomez

Sandra Solano
Scilla Elworthy
Sharon Lanier
Shayndel Kahn
Sheva Carr
Siobhan McCafferty
Siwar Hamati
Stephen Barrie
Stephen Steitler 
Sylwia Patrzalek
Tanja Mutze
Teohna Williams
Tess Cacciatore
Tezikiah Gabriel
Thordis Elva
Tiffany Worthington
Tory Haslinger
Tracey Chew
Vednita Carter

Thank you to all our volunteers!

Resilience Training for
Red Cross Staff + Volunteers

To learn more about the Red Cross, click HERE


Recognizing individuals, families, organizations, and foundations supporting up to $499

Abby Kail
Adeline Alex
Aidan Barry
Aimee Gregory
Alain Gauthier
Alain Loize
Alberta Balasic
Aleisha Hicks
Alice Lyman
Alison Anderson
Alta Mae & Alex Stevens
Amber Stockham
Andrea Aid Still Needed
Andrew Gregory
Andrew Helgesen
Andy Traines
Ann Begin
Ann Leslie Uzdavinis
Ann Quinlin
Ann Wilds
Anna Long
Anna Paton
Anne Ehresman
Anne Marie Clear
Annette Woodward
Anthony Deifell
Anthony Putrino
Antoinnette Heath
April Powell
Assurant Foundation
Astrid Brodahl
Athena Drew
Austin Marx
Azreal Lower
Baltimore Monthly Meeting of Friends
Barbara and William Nickel
Barbara Lamb
Barbara Muller
Barbara Rice
Barbara Thomas
Barry Polsky
Bella Merlin
Benjamin Portman
Benjamin Quinto
Berje Barrow-Kaiswer
Bernice Vaca-Vigil
Beth Young
Betty Gilson
Betty Hargas
Bill Schoenbart
Blanche Roberts
Blueheron Beadwork
Bob Riddle
BodyMatters, Inc.
Bonnie Hartley
Bonnie Shulman
Bonnie St. John & Allen Haines
Brandon Hamilton
Brian Etting
Brian Schill
Brigg Bloomquist
Bronwyn Leslie
Brunilda Musikant
Bryan Carr
Candace Emmer
Candy Capogrossi
Carmina Tolentino
Carmine Marzano
Carol Bentley
Carol Grey
Cheryl Handy
Carol Leibowitz
Carol Turner
Carold Garcia
Carole Gailor
Caroline Caselli
Carolyn Chene
Carolyn Dixon
Carrie Francey
Carrie Levin
Cassie Galster
Cate Wallenfels
Catherine St Claire
Cathy Beltran
Celeste Demilio
Chandrika Desai
Charlcie Mosser
Charleen Maghzi
Chris Boyd
Christel Guna Kramer
Christina Ritzman
Christine Gust
Christine Hodgson
Christine Martell
Christoph Neumann
Cindy Matthews
Claire Geddes
Claire Londa
Clare McDermott
Colin Donohoo
Connie Baker
Conrad Smith
Constance Culley
Corporate Prana
Corrine Fabie
Courtney Sherman
Craig McGray
Cullen Mediation & Collaborative Law PC
Cynhia Jurs
Cynthia Chalmers
Cynthia Doty
Dan Vivoli
Dana Hooper
Dani and Crhis Biship
Dania Edwards
Daniel DelRocci
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David Damico/Parkview Cafe
David Dante
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Deborah Taylor
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Debra Cookson
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Deepa Health
Devin Strategies LLC
Diane Tate
Diane Williams
Diane Wotus
Dinah McQueen

DJ Wexler
Dominick Gatto, Susan Gatto
Dominik Michalzik
Dona Cullen
Donna Newman-Bluestein
Donnette Mosley
Doreen Wong
Dottie Indyke
Dr W McCarty
E & S miss_mcclain
Eddie Graham
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Elene Hammerel
Elissa Smith
Elizabeth Davies
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Elizabeth Sherman
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Ellen Elphand
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Emily Carlyon
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Evans Family
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Recognizing charitable legacy gifts through estate and gift planning. Those who choose to donate $5000 or more.

Amy Ruggiero
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Susan Shayndel Kahn
Tora Isi & John Wilhelm

In collaboration with
Pathways To Peace

You Are the UN

Being a pathway to Peace

Thursday Lunch N' Learns

Sustainable Food Security

All proceeds from our hydroponic towers go to bringing towers to refugees in Kurdistan, families in Nicaragua, and others in need of food security.

Subpod composter: This link will give 5% off to the purchaser and they will donate 10% to Fyera Foundation for our reforestation and food security projects!


Chief Gratitude & Giving Officer

Kevin Crowe

Kevin is an innovative senior executive who brings expertise in philanthropy, communications, non-profit management, and organizational development. Most recently he held a national philanthropy position focused on providing education to physicians and clinicians on the science of gratitude and building an organizational culture of gratitude within a national non-profit health system. He is an international speaker and consultant, and as a certified trainer of HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage™ program, Kevin has facilitated individuals and teams all over the world in creating heart focused personal change initiatives.

In addition to 29 years in healthcare administration and overlapping with 18 years in philanthropy, Kevin’s career has included hospitality management and higher education. He is passionate about institutional culture transformation and over the years and in several roles, has led multiple initiatives in his organizations that focus on service, satisfaction, and gratitude. Kevin has served on multiple boards including The Board of Visitors of the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Nursing and The Board of Directors of the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Chicago Chapter.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of General Studies in organizational management and leadership from North Park University in Chicago and is certified by The Institute of HeartMath and the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. He is also a certified trainer and facilitator of multiple culture change and operational efficiency programs. He is a Reiki Master and Reiki Master trainer and an Akashic Records consultant. Kevin uses a combination of these modalities with mindfulness and resilience practices in bringing his best self forward to be present and in service to others.

Pathways To Peace

UN Peace Messenger Organization Pathways To Peace has been an instrumental bridge in giving us access to the United Nations. They have mentored us in service to peace and to the United Nations. Their 8 Pathways To Peace provide one of our core tenet frameworks. Our missions are closely aligned and intertwined and we are forever grateful for their lasting and ongoing contributions to our work and to the world.


Operation Big Sister

What if human slavery could end in our lifetime?

What if all it would take is for people like you and me to get involved?

Mediators Beyond Borders Partnership

We are a proud member of Mediators Beyond Borders International and participate in their United Nations and Sustainable Development Goals working groups while also partnering with them in Nicaragua and other zones of civil unrest to bring dialogue in place of violence. 

Care Counts

for kids

This cutting-edge hands-on curriculum was produced in collaboration with Gratts Elementary School for the Los Angeles Mayor's Day of Service, to reach at-risk youth grades 3-5 being recruited into gangs. The program works to guide children of all backgrounds, and their educators, to a specific state of heart centered well-being, scientifically proven to reduce stress, promote overall health, and generate positive psychological effects that also measurably improve academic performance.